Preparing your own court bundles.

The best piece of advice I was ever given by another parent was to prepare my OWN  court bundles .This is much easier if you can start at the beginning of SS intervention.

To do this you cross reference their fabrications against hard evidence e.g SS stated in a report I didnt seek help when fleeing domestic violence and being made homeless, however I had a letter from my GP stating I did .

If you havent already got the evidence to disprove their lies go and seek it.

SS in my case also failed to carry out proper section 47 enquiries in relation to domestic violence, I went as far as to visit Dover police and to contact the British Consulate as I knew they held proof of it .

You prepare a bundle just as bundles are prepared against you .

E.g You could begin with the threshold statement from SS , anything that is not true go and seek the evidence for then compile a section as to how the threshold statement has not been met along with documents you have to prove this.

You can do different sections , i.e SS failures , statements from your children anything that is relevant to your case. Also include in there SS codes of conduct and codes of ethics and proof of how they have breeched them in your case.

When bundle/bundles are complete file an index at the beginning and photocopy all four times , give a copy to the judge , LA solicitor , Guardians solicitor and keep the master copy for yourself.

Remember they have to take this as evidence under article 6 of the human rights act . These bundles will also come in handy later on for possible claims against Social Services and most importantly to show your children when they are older .