So what should you do when Social Services first get involved with your family ?

My advice first and formost is KEEP all paperwork no matter how trivial it may seem at the time as this can be used to catch them out later . Be afraid do not trust them , their motives or how they sugar coat their BS. Co-operation has to be your decision however I will say lack of co-operation at some times will be used against you e.g If you have a criminal past , were once in care etc .SS can find this information out with or without your consent they wont tell you they are doing it but will. When you go to court it will be pulled out whether you have changed your ways or not.

No matter how distressing the situation is for you DO NOT go to the doctor , mental health services , police etc . NEVER CONFIDE IN A PROFESSIONAL.

Cry your eyes out at home alone or confide in friends and family you can trust.

Once under SS radar any interaction you have with any professionals can and will be used against you to show you are unstable blah blah blah rather than normal emotions responding to abnormal stressors.

Record and take notes of all meetings if you can have a witness present SS usually turn up in two's.

Be mindful that if you have a relationship they will seek to pit you against each other.

Do not tell them you are recording them or gathering evidence SUPRISE is always the best way to attack back.

Do unto them what they do to you.

Gather evidence from the start and prepare it.

Use their failings against them.

Suprise them in court with no prior warning of what you are saying or have gathered this gives them no chance to make excuses up or wriggle out of their lies or failings to gather any defence.