The Family Court

The family court is a horrid place . One of the worst things for me when i used solicitors was how I was excluded from the advocates meeting before the hearing. Notice how the social worker , guardian are allowed to enter the room to discuss the case with their legal team but you're not ?

In law all parties are supposed to be of equal footing !!

Not very equal is it ?

Also if in public cafeteria in court room , watch how many case are being discussed.

If you see the advocates in your case sitting around a table drinking coffee discussing your case you must tell the judge this is contempt of court !!!!

I stumbled across this many years ago .

It may also act as a tool for your case if you can show that you have tried your best to work this way then use this document to show the court.

Midlands region protocol: What the Family Courts expect from Parents

The courts consider that these guidelines apply to all children and all parents. Please don’t think that your case is an exception.


The court wants you to think about these things first:

  • As parents, you share responsibility for your children and have a duty to talk to each other and make every effort to agree about how you will bring them up
  • Even when you separate this duty continues
  • Try to agree the arrangements for your child. If talking to each other is difficult, ask for help. Trained mediators can help you talk to each other and find solutions, even when things are hard. The court staff can give you details
  • If you cannot agree you can ask the court to decide for you
  • The law says that the court must always put the welfare of your child first. What you want may not be the best thing for your child. The court has to put your child first, however hard that is for the adults.
  • Experience suggests that court-imposed orders work less well than agreements made between you as parents.